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Brennen [Feb. 17th, 2011|01:37 pm]
When I pulled up to the gate at my parent's neighborhood yesterday, Brennen shouted "DANNA PRICE!" from the backseat when the dude asked my name. I didn't know he knew my name. Then he told my Dad that Josh took him "to the Kangaroo (gas station) for a coke!" the other day. This is not true, but was pretty funny to us.
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<3 [Jan. 25th, 2011|09:36 pm]
Josh and I at a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. Photobucket
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(no subject) [Nov. 5th, 2010|02:24 pm]
I just want to put this out there. If anyone wants to defriend me, please do so. I realize that I am not a very active LJ friend. I do actually read most of your entries, but it's usually on my phone while Josh and Brennen are sleeping next to me so commenting is kind of tough. I promise I will not make a fake profile and stalk you online in order to enact revenge. I'll understand.
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Picture Meme - When did I get a lazy eye? [Sep. 11th, 2010|03:52 pm]

Excuse the shine, but I have the skin of a 14 year old and it's 84 degrees in my house currently. That's why I'm in my bra. My first non-nursing bra purchase since B was born. It fits like a dream.
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BC [Aug. 26th, 2010|02:08 pm]
Does anyone use yaz or yasmin? Or could anyone recommend a birth control pill? It's been so long since I've actually used them that I am out of the loop. I've been reading up and all the side effects seem the same! 
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Tattoo [Aug. 6th, 2010|10:59 pm]

I am working on my "First Love" meme, but who knows how long it will take. I realized that I only remember bits and pieces of that time in my life. I can't remember the chronological order of things or dates or many details. There are just flashes of memories and situations. I'm trying to makes sense of everything and dude, WTF is wrong with my memory? Motherhood eats your BRAIN!

In the mean time...

When I was in California Heather and I came up with the idea of a tattoo. I have one already. I got it when I was 17. It's just a black star on the small of my back (yep, tramp stamp) and I kind of regretted it. It really has no meaning. I just got it because I wanted to get one. I didn't think I was interested in getting any more. Then we started talking about it and looking at pictures online. We found a few that we liked and combined them in to this...

The meaning is kind of hard to explain and probably sounds really corny. Basically, the anchor symbolizes our friendship. One of the definitions is "a central cohesive source of support and stability" and that's what we've been for each other throughout the years. We've helped each other through the lowest points in our life and shared some of the most joyous events. As things have changed, our friendship has remained the same. So that's the anchor and it kind of starts turning into birds. The birds symbolize the fact that we're so far apart, distance wise, but still part of the anchor. Make sense? So we both fell in love with the design and decided to get it. We couldn't make it work before I left, but decided we'd still get it individually when we could. She just got hers! It looks awesome. 

Read more...Collapse )

I plan on getting mine over the next few weeks for my Birthday! I'm turning 27. BLAH! 
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Whale Wars [Jul. 27th, 2010|09:40 pm]
I feel bad that I feel this, but I can't help laughing when I watch "Whale Wars". I'm all for what they are doing, but these people just make some idiotic errors. None of their missions ever go right. It's like the blind leading the blind over there. I'm pretty sure the whales are screwed.
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Worst week ever? [Jun. 8th, 2010|09:46 am]
Well, here I sit updating from my own home in Florida. Nope, not it California. Not even a little bit.

My friend took my to airport yesterday. I got there well over an hour early. I had a car seat, a huge suitcase, a carry on bag, my purse, and Brennen on my back in the beco. My friend helped me into line, but she had her two year with her, so I told her I'd be fine and she could go home. After standing in that line shuffling all my things along they announce that they need everyone to move to another line. So I had to leave half of my stuff there, move to the other line, then go back and get the rest of my stuff. Not to mention that it was SO HOT in this airport. I pretty lost my spot and ended up toward the end of the line. Oh well, I was almost done right.

I get checked in finally and realize that I've been in like for almost an hour (they only had one person at the counter). So I only have 20 minutes to get through security, ride the tram to my gate, and get on the plane. GREAT! The elderly TSA woman was seriously going as slow as possible. She was talking to all the kids in front of me. "How was Disney World?" "Did you meet Goofy? He's my favorite!". I never do this, but I just blurted out, "Ma'am! I'm going to miss my flight!" She looked at my i.d. and boarding pass and then I had to go through security. They decided that I needed to be randomly searched. This meant I had to take Brennen out of the beco. I shove all my stuff on to the conveyor belt, practically drop Brennen on the floor, and trying to let them wave the wand over me while Brennen is running away. All the while, thinking I'm going to miss my flight. I FINALLY get through. Hop on the tram with 8 minutes to spare. YAY! I'm GOING TO MAKE IT! Then I realize.... SHIT! I left my beco back at security.

I can't go to California for a month without a stroller or a baby carrier. This just can't happen. Nor can I lose this thing. It wasn't cheap. So I get to my gate and explain the situation and ask if there is any way someone can run it over to me. The guy just kind of laughed. No, no one can bring it to me, but that's ok. The plane is broken down and I have plenty of time to go back and get.

At this point I am covered in sweat. I swear they aren't using the A/C at the aiport today and I have been running around with a 35lb. hot toddler on my back. So I go back to get my carrier. I grab a bottle of water and then try to recover. Then I hear the announcement that my flight will not be leaving until 10:30p.m.

This means I will miss my connect from Dallas to San Diego. I wait in another line, with a very impatient Brennen, for about 30 minutes only to get to the counter and have the woman tell me she'll be right back. 15 minutes go by and she finally arrives. I swear she smelled like cigarette smoke. There were 30 very unhappy people behind me. During this wait Brennen pooped, but I couldn't love my spot in line, so my poor baby just had to hang out in a poopy diaper and everyone had to smell it. She tells me that we'll get into Dallas around12:30a.m. and they will shuttle us all to a hotel. Then the shuttle will pick us up at 6:30 to catch a 7:45a.m. flight to San Diego. My heart just sunk. I did not want to be at the aiport until 10:30 p.m., nor did I want to stay in a hotel for a few hours by myself with Brennen. He was already exhausted as it was and this would be torture for both of us. I told her this was going to work. Can I get on another flight tomorrow? Possibly, but I had to go wait in another line to find out!! I just wanted to cry at this point.

Finally... I get booked on another flight. Call Josh to come pick us up, but it'll take him an hour to get to the airport. American gave us $30 worth of meal vouchers so I took Brennen to Chili's while we were waiting and I felt so bad for him that I let him have french fries for dinner. I am the queen of vegetables, so he was thrilled. Josh comes to pick us up around 8:30p.m., we get home around 10p.m. and now we're up and getting ready to do it all over again!

If today doesn't go well I might never fly again.
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Silly Names [May. 31st, 2010|12:11 pm]
This is a TRUE story. Somewhere out there is a little girl running around and her name is...


Who wants to take a stab at the pronunciation? The actual pronunciation may surprise you.
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First Beach Trip of the Year [Apr. 21st, 2010|01:49 pm]
We decided to pack up and head to the beach last weekend. We really just needed to get away and spend some quality time together. Josh works so much, it's tough.  We checked the weather report Saturday night and it said there would be some sprinkles Sunday morning, but we decided to go anyway. Well, "sprinkles" turned into showers and "morning" turned into all damn day. We still spent some time at the beach though. Brennen chased seagulls and Josh and I talked about the future. We grabbed some dinner at "Crabby Bills" and headed back to the room. It was a little disappointing, being at the beach and not being able to fully enjoy it, but we made the best of it. We woke up Monday morning and packed up the car. We started to head home and it started turning into a beautiful day, so we decided to follow the signs to Fort De Soto State Park. It turned out to be this awesome park with waterside camping, two gorgeous beaches, and about a million other things to do. So we
decided to stay a while.

I am so glad that he love the beach as much as I do.

Our sand castle and a flock of birds. Beautiful water! 

Yes, I just learned how to do this.

Fort De Soto State Park

The gloomy view from out room.

Also, does anyone know why the pictures get blurry when I try to adjust the sizes? 
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